Discovering Electronic Music


Synth Britannia (BBC)

What the Future Sounded Like


Tubular Bells by the Brooklyn Organ Synth Orchestra

Dr Bob Moog demonstrates the Minimoog

Sesame Street: Herbie Hancock Makes Sounds

Lecture 1 [PARTE 1/4] Stockhausen Karlheinz
English Lectures


Speaking Piano

Daphne Oram Oramics Machine Feature on BBC Click 8/1/12

Mini-Oramics Medley

Stephen Howell and the Subharchord

Back to the Future Sounds

Vintage Synthesizer 1970-1979

Tuning In- Karlheinz Stockhausen (Maconie, 1981)


I Dream of Wires

Helmholz synthesizer at Teylers Museum, Haarlem

Patchení s Nikol - Karplus-Strong algorithm

The Secret History of the Vocoder

Jean Laurendeau and the Ondes Martenot

SENNHEISER Vocoder und MOOG Modular Synthesizer - präsentiert im ZDF von Heinz Funk

Introduction to Open Sound Control

Fourier Series: Modeling Nature

Fourier Analysis (and guitar jammin') - Sixty Symbols

The Subharchord - a Child of the Golden Age

Oskar Sala - Mixtur-Trautonium - Klang und Verwendung

Dr Bob Moog demonstrates the Minimoog

Hammond Novachord

The Incredible Machine (1968)

1930s Russian Drawn Sound: Nikolai Voinov's 'Paper Sound'

RP Analog Synth Jazz Band

2BTruman: Genesis I Polypatch (R) quick demo

Koka’s Beat Machine No. 2

How to build digital filters, a simplified explanation


MODULO: The analog synth documentary


Back to the Future Sounds

Look Around You - Synthesizer Patel

Intuitive Understanding of the Fourier Transform and FFTs

ChucK: A Computer Music Programming Language

fluXpad session 2 by Andi Toma (Mouse on Mars)

Oscar Peterson Synth

Delia Derbyshire - Sculptress of Sound

Elektron Musik Studion 1974 Stockholm

The Science and Engineering of Sound

Good Vibrations: The Science of Sound

Modulations - Full Feature Film

Mark Mothersbaugh’s Synth Collection

TB-303 Documentary - Bassline Baseline (2005)

BBC Radiophonic Workshop: A Journey Through Time

The Electronic Music Of William Eggleston

Modulo – New Mini Documentary On Modular Synthesizers

Masterclass with Kevin Austin: Composition in the Contemporary Electroacoustic Studio

Easy Introduction to Wavelets

What is the Fourier Transform? A visual introduction.

Visiting Willem Twee Studios - a modern early electronic music studio